About Us


Transforming the digital business space

We are a group of digital entrepreneurs here to find the highest quality services on the market. We do the extensive research to provide you with best solutions so you don’t have to.

A little more about us...

Our bread and butter has been Digital Marketing. For over 5+ years we have been pioneers to digital and influencer marketing across several social media platforms. We've engaged and managed thousands of clients across the globe from every industry imaginable. In short, we make you look REAL GOOD on social media.

Throughout time, we developed key partnerships that allowed us to bring more opportunities for our clients, creating better results to grow their businesses. Including creative digital services and investments.

Our agency has evolved to an extensive network of solutions for online entrepreneurs. Our most recent project, Uncapped Capital, is an investment club that allows you to bank on a 6 trillion dollar market.

A modern approach

It’s essential for us that our clients get personalized proposals from our partners. Rather than doing things the typical way, we’ve created a system designed around our clients’ needs.


"Is what you’re looking for not on the list below? We are constantly looking for more services to add to our network. Fill out the form with your information. We have a team that will search the best options according to what you’re looking for."


About Our Services

Our team has over 5 years experience in the Forex and Crypto markets. During this time, we have deployed millions of dollars into these spaces to figure out what works for us. And in parallel, providing new ways to help our clients make money with cashflow producing businesses.

Our mission is to bring new passive income solutions that are trusted and consistent for our clients. We’re excited to bring our newest venture to you, Uncapped Capital. With a three year track record software that has had consistent results, you can now get involved with us as a lender!

This is a 100% done for you online business, this is designated for individuals who would like to invest capital into a new business that will run completely hands free.

Prices are $40,000 to start up.

This is designated for online entrepreneurs, brands, businesses and more. If you’re looking to grow on instagram and expand your social reach, this is the right step for you. Leverage celebrity audiences to grow yours.

Prices range between $1,000-$25,000 depending on campaign and influencers involved.

Prices range between $400-$20,000 depending on outlets. Such as Forbes, Bloomberg, Yahoo etc.

Full stack marketing agency for online personal and corporate brands

Prices range from $3,500 to $100,000+ depending on services.


Words From Clients

(Uncapped Capital)

"I am truly grateful that there is an opportunity for those who are unaccredited can put their capital to work and grow it. Then stellar customer service. You do what you say you are going to do, you answer every question and do things quickly and promptly. This builds trust, confidence, and a sense of certainty"

Rouhin G.
(Uncapped Capital)

"It’s been an absolute pleasure to partner with Uncapped Capital! So far, the returns have been better than I had anticipated even through this recession and tough macroeconomic environment. I greatly appreciate the transparency as I can track my principal every week and Sergio has been very responsive to address all of my questions. Overall, I’d highly recommend Uncapped Capital to anyone looking to diversity and build their long term wealth!"

Dan T.
Social Media Marketing

"Love working with you Sergio! Not only have you taught many so many things about social media and how to grow my platforms, you’ve produced some spectacular results for me. I appreciate your professionalism, your dedication to excellence and your encouragement to consistently push forward. 5 stars in all that you do!"

Jose R.
Social Media Marketing

"Meeting and doing business with Sergio and Cody has been a major milestone on my way to building social media growth, passive income streams and networking. This has catapulted my influence, knowledge and skills and has allowed for me to monetize every investment ive done with them at least 5x in just over 1 year. Not including the likeminded entrepreneurs and lifelong connections Ive met at their networking events which continue to add value to their services for years to come. The input and value obtained from working with Sergio and team is immense. Marketing, social media growth, passive investments, networking, they’ve got it all."

Matt J.
(Uncapped Capital)

"I’ve been with uncapped for a few months now and I’m actually surprised at how well this software works.
I’m a big advocate for putting your money to work for you and this is by far the actual definition of that quote. This is coming from someone who has traded manually for 7 years, but I no longer have the attention for it due to demands from my own media agency."


Frequently Asked Question

How Can I Start growing my followers?

Easy! All you have to do is reach out to us and we provide campaigns that leverage celebrities and influencers. This will help you grow exponentially on Instagram since you're leveraging millions of followers from celebrity pages. Get the opportunity to hop on a campaign with Floyd Mayweather, Kim K, Kendall Jenner and many more famous names you've heard of. 

Is it possible for me to generate passive income online?

Absolutely yes! Having key partnerships across the board helps us introduce you to the right person in case you're looking to get started with Ecom, digital real estate and more. Additionally, we've developed our own system, Uncapped Capital, that allows you to bank on a 6 trillion dollar market. PASSIVE. If you'd like to learn more we'd be happy to take a call. Schedule a free consultation with our team!

Can I work with you?

100% you're invited to come work with us! We developed a mentorship / partner program where we help you start your very own agency like ours! Assistance on providing services you can sell, a website, social media growth / marketing and close mentorship. We'll provide the template we have used for the last 5+ years so you can become successful as well. 

What kind of marketing do you guys manage?

We are a full service agency and can manage any type of digital marketing system. Feel free to check out our "Digital Marketing" page under services for more info!