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We Share an Interview Form

First thing is learning about you! In the beginning of your process, you'll be shared a form that will ask for everything you'd like to include in your article. Fill this out to the best of your ability and don't worry about making it perfect! Be you.

Building the Rough Draft

Once you finish your interview form and share some awesome pictures you'd like to publish, our team of professional copywriters and editors will make your story come to life!

Approval and Publication

Once you approve the masterpiece that was created for you, our team will go ahead and publish your article on the publication site(s) you chose. This entire process can take 2-8+ weeks depending on publication site you choose.


Elevate your brand obove the noise!

Social media is very crowded and noisy place. Today, competition is higher than EVER. And we don't see that stopping or slowing down any time soon. In parallel to everything we do, press is a recourse you're going to need if you want to tell your story to a massive audience across social media outlets. There's thousands of competitors but only ONE of you. Magnify that.

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